Your privacy is very important to me, he said with a posed look.

Hello {insert name here}, I do not have your name yet, but if I did, it would be inside those brackets. When I do have your name I may store it alongside your email address, phone number and social media pages so that we can communicate via the wires.

Should you choose to contact me, you will be doing so via facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. who I assume spent a lot of time making their systems secure and GDPR compliant, so have no fear. There is no way they will ever use that information for their own desires.

If you would like to get in contact and ask me exactly what information I store about your persons, you can contact me through email, instagram or facebook and ask. I will say "i don't have any information on you", incase you wish to skip the first step.

If at any point I do somehow end up with your information, you can rest assured I will only be using it to contact you about pre-arranged events or information I think you would really, really like to know. I will never pass your information on to other people or 3rd parties, even though I have loads of friends, at least 104. I don't have a newsletter, because those are for old people and I have nothing interesting to share anyway.

Occasionally I upload photos to competitions, pinterest, other websites, etc. and I may upload your name and social media information to such things to make sure you get all the credit you deserve.

If you have photographs on my website and would like me to remove them, please just ask. I retain all rights to the photos I take, but I won't sell them to 3rd parties without your consent, as that would be rude.

Photos are stored on my computer, which is really cool and secure, in a double locked room with lots of flashing lights and a dog.

For any further information or to let me know this isn't GDPR compliant please contact me using one of the social media platforms below.

Mad Moon Photography is a cosplay photographer in Bournemouth, Dorset. Attending conventions and shooting on location all year round.

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